A sampling of 2010's projects

Preserving Historical Architecture

Parkade Structural Slab Rehab


Swimming Pool Upgrade

Basement Reno

Sidewalk Replacement

Parking Lot Concrete Work

Balcony Rehab

Deck Repair and Waterproofing

Multi-family Garage Door Replacement

Swimming Pool Upgrade

Deck Replacement - Port Moody, B.C.


Asphalt Parking Lot Repairs

Multi-Family Exterior Upgrade

Constructive is providing Project and Construction Management services to select clients.

One of our premier clients, Midwest Property Management, has engaged Constructive four years running, to provide expertise and construction management, to forward the annual improvements to their properties through their cyclical maintenance budgets.

Midwest Property Management, a division of Maclab runs 5500 residential and commercial units.

Constructive also provides Project Management services to the Coast Hotel Group in Edmonton.

Smaller level consulting and construction services are available.

Richard N. Zukiwski

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